Consider “Oh, Well.”

“Oh, Well.”
Profound, right?
But, you know what?
These two words may be a great consideration for you the next time you get stuck.
Most of our stuck stories have to do with something that has already happened.
Which is in the past.
Which we have no control over.
Because it already happened.
A second ago.
5 minutes ago.
Last night.
Last week.
Last year.
When we live in the past, we unconsciously create problems for ourselves, because the past is not now.
And we can’t change the past.
I mean, we can react, scream, yell, judge, complain, blame.
But, whatever happened has already happened.
And the more we harp on whatever happened creates even more suffering than the actual event itself.
What we DO have control over is the PRESENT moment.
And how we choose to be.
Which is why sometimes, “Oh, well” is a really helpful consideration.
Because we can’t control the past, but we can control how we are in THIS moment.
Consider it.
Try it out for yourself today.
Just say, “Oh, well” the next time something doesn’t go how you expected.
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