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Thursday 2

Just ASK!

My dear blog subscribers, My book is out, my book tour is set, and I’ve decided to consciously allow myself to settle down and watch things unfold as they should. The truth is, I’ve found myself “stuck” on needing to know and plan on “what’s next” and it reminded me of how this entire process […]

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think big

Stuck on Thinking Big

I remember learning from an art teacher in elementary school to “Think Big.” I don’t remember the art teacher’s name and barely remember how she looks. But, I remember her teaching us to “Think Big”. Perhaps it was her way of encouraging confidence in her students. I have no idea. But, I do wonder if her particular pedagogical approach could […]

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STUCK on Thinking I Need to Bring Everyone Gifts

Ever since I moved to Israel, I’ve made a trip back to the States yearly. And each time, I bring back gifts for my family and friends. Over the years I’ve brought back: New Israeli wines, hand-made jewelry, soaps and olive oil from the Galilee, Bedouin tea kettles, hand-made challah boards, beautifully painted rocks from […]

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mindful eating

Stuck on Caring What YOU Think

This past week, as I facilitated a weekly self-development group in my community, I found myself stuck on what others were thinking of me. The group reached the point of the evening for the “formal practice” which is dedicated to five minutes of mindful eating. During that time, each participant chooses to either a) eat […]

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