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Stuck on “Yes, I Check My Emails, Thank You Very Much!”

Even though 2017 has just begun, parents in Israel are already beginning to register their children for school next year. Yet, this process isn’t as easy at it seems, for where I live, there are numerous educational options. There’s the religious Orthodox school, the secular school, the religious/secular school, the Democratic school, the Waldorf school, the […]

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STUCK on Facebook

While many of us have things in our lives from which we want to get unstuck, such as: a spouse, a child, an in-law, a neighbor, or a co-worker, what we may not realize are the many other not so obvious places where we also get stuck. These other places are not as obtrusive because […]

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I’m going to keep this one quick. Instead of a New Year’s resolution (if you tend to take on that custom), consider just one word to guide you for this year. A word you can create into a mantra, a prayer, a painting, a meditation. A word that can act as a reminder. A word […]

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