How would you define success?

Each time I listen to Adrienne Dorison’s “The School of Self-Mastery” podcast and hear her pose the question, “How do you define success?” to her guests, I find myself asking myself the same question.

Inspiration 19 Success (1)And while I never defined “success” in the traditional way (the accomplishment of an aim or purpose), while listening to these episodes, I’ve found myself wanting to come up with my own definition.

And yesterday, on my morning walk, it came to me.

In one word.


To me, success in any area of life (such as work, love, or health) is allowing for the natural flow of life and being wise to not get stuck when murkiness appears.

Success is about knowing our own individual tendencies so that we can transform a “stuck” experience to one we can “master”, rather than being limited by it.

Success is about training the brain to return time and time again to that natural flow state of openness, expansiveness, and curiosity.

Success is about getting unSTUCK, rather than being hijacked by our emotions.

Success is multi-dimensional.

It’s not just about our work.

It’s about bringing the wisdom of the “unstuckness” to all area of our lives.

Take for instance this article I wrote in Tiny Buddha this month.

This conversation I had with my friend has nothing to do with business, but of course everything to do with business.

The way I was able to  get unstuck and “flow” in this particular relationship situation, is the same way I approach my health and the work I do in this world.

By checking in to see if I’m stuck and knowing exactly what to do (and doing it!) to get unSTUCK.

Whether you are a high school student, a parent, an entrepreneur, or retired, know that success does not have to be measured by your individual accomplishments, but rather by your own practice of self-inquiry, courage, and conscious choice flow in everyday moments of your life.

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