Stuck on: What Went Wrong???

I’m doing a giveaway.

Have you heard?

In preparation for the launch of my book, I’m giving away 3 free copies.

It’s quite easy to enter.

All you have to do is go to my website.

If, that is, you can get to my website!

You see, I started to write to friends and family, on Facebook and on Twitter, on listserves and in community groups about this giveaway.

But within minutes, someone responded to me that they couldn’t access my website.

Computer error message

That’s weird, I thought to myself.

Maybe she’s got some computer issues.

But, nope.

I saw the problem was on my end.

When I clicked on the link I had sent out to tens? Hundreds? Thousands? of people, the link wasn’t working!


I rushed to write to my web designer.

“What’s going on here?”

And she reacted to my anxiety with calm and presence and began to try to resolve the issue.

She got on the phone with my website host.

She quickly wrote back with some questions:

“Has anyone been using your site other than you?”


“Have you changed the password?”


I was so stuck on anxiety and totally knew it.

Which is when I decided to take a stop.

In fact, I did it on a live-stream video in my Facebook group, “Getting unSTUCK”.

It was already 9:30 at night and I recalled I hadn’t taken a “stop” yet that day.

And I figured, maybe someone else in the Facebook world may want to join me?

And you know what?

Some people did!

And apparently, they benefited from it and, it really, really helped me.

It helped me to separate myself from the situation, it allowed me to verbalize what I was stuck on (anxiety!), it helped me to uncover my thoughts around it, like: People aren’t going to sign up to my giveaway if they can’t access my website! and it helped me to reflect upon the accuracy of that belief along with my other ones.

And because I was able to take that stop, it led me to be able to consider other perspectives.

Like: “Oh well!”

Because that’s the consideration I chose to take on.

Oh well.

So simple, and yet so powerful.

It is what it is, and everything will be fine.

And it was.

When I returned to the computer after processing through this, I saw I received another email from my web designer.

She wrote: “The solution for the issue at hand is very simple and is a matter of one letter. When you sent that email out to users you wrote the following: Head over to my website for details:

The reason users are getting that error message is because you listed the website as “https” – it should be “http” or even without the “http”.  This should be enough – – That additional “s” in the website url makes chrome believe that it is a SSL site which is why users are getting this error message. If you update the link in your newsletter and throughout the site that will do the trick.”

The power of a little “s”!

And the power of a big “s” (STOP)!

In the end, I was OK and held myself in compassion for having gotten stuck on anxiety in the first place.

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