Stuck on: I Want It Now!

In one of my recent posts, I wrote about the disappointment of having to come up with a new book cover because I wasn’t satisfied with what I had.

But, after processing through it, I took on a new consideration and positive attitude of, “Yes! Let’s try it again!”

Yet, since then, nothing has come to mind.

But then, just the other day, while on a morning walk, Boom! out of nowhere, I came up with a great idea.

The perfect concept for my book cover!


I’ve got it!

Just what I wanted!

And I couldn’t wait to walk home, tell my publisher, and ask the graphic designer to work on it!

See, that’s part of my personality.


When I have a project that needs to get done, I do it immediately.

When I have an email to write, I write it instantaneously.

When I receive a task to do on a committee, I complete it promptly, days or even weeks ahead of schedule.

It’s just who I am (except for my poor house, because apparently, that can always wait until tomorrow!)

The S.T.U.C.K. Method has helped me become more aware of that side of my personality and while sometimes beneficial, it can often times limit me to other possibilities.

So, with a little help from a friend, I was able to recognize I was stuck and chose to process through it.

I stopped by taking a deep breath and told myself I was stuck on impulsiveness.

I uncovered my beliefs.

I believed that if I didn’t write the email then, in that instant, the idea would have gotten lost.

Really, Shira? You know, you could always write your idea down and share it later. 

I believed that I knew, for sure, 100%, not question about it, that I now had the final book cover in my mind.

Shira, has this ever happened before? Where you knew? For sure? 100% about something? But, you found out later, you didn’t?

OK, so I came up with some considerations.

  • I can consider sitting with my thoughts before sending my concept proposal to my graphic designer.
  • I can consider nothing is going to be gained or lost whether I send my proposal idea this week, next week, or the week after.
  • I can consider that being impulsive is not necessarily good for one’s health.
  • I can consider that by sitting with it, I am being brave – a consideration I am working on this week.
  • I can consider that I already suggested two ideas to my graphic designer, and since this will be the last proposal, I might as well take my time and be clear with what I want.

QuestionSo, I chose to sit with it and let it be for now.

And let the unknown remain unknown for another week or so.

Because nothing will happen between now and then.

I will have a book cover by the time this book gets published.

That’s for sure.

And for now, I am remaining humble, letting go of that hot air, and staying a bit more focused on the upcoming holiday of Passover that encourages us all to behave in those ways.

I got stuck on impulsiveness, but it’s OK.

I had a great friend who made me aware of it and therefore was able to process through it without the emotion overtaking me.

Another great practice opportunity to wake up to.

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2 Responses to Stuck on: I Want It Now!

  1. jen April 27, 2016 at 5:43 am #

    This is a personality trait I’m challenged by too and I’ve been really seeing the benefits lately of “letting things settle first.” Imagining something falling to the ground, dust rising into the air, and then settling…

    • shirataylorgura April 27, 2016 at 5:51 am #

      Thanks, Jen. Love that image. Yesterday, I listened to a podcast in which the speaker reminded me, “No one ever gives birth to an adult.” That was a helpful image for me, too.