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facebook-stopWhile many of us have things in our lives from which we want to get unstuck, such as: a spouse, a child, an in-law, a neighbor, or a co-worker, what we may not realize are the many other not so obvious places where we also get stuck.

These other places are not as obtrusive because they don’t seem to affect us in a big way.

Yet, these other undetected places we get stuck on are just as important to explore and process through as are the obvious ones.

For me, the most effective way to enhance my awareness regarding where I get stuck, is by taking regular stops.

When I take a stop each morning, sometimes it’s a peaceful and calm experience, but other times it’s not.

Sometimes, the experience is tumultuous when my mind is stuck chasing after thoughts I had no idea were even consuming me.

So, when I took a stop one day last week and noticed my mind chasing after the desire to check Facebook, I realized this was something to explore.

And after some honest reflection (such as my belief that there is a “need” to check Facebook first thing in the morning), I realized I was addicted.

So, I decided to take a 9-day Facebook cleanse.

I removed the app from my phone.

And I didn’t turn it on my computer during that time.

After 9 days, I returned to Facebook feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

I learned many things from my time away:

  • I was spending way too much time on Facebook daily.
  • I could divide my time on Facebook between social and business.
  • I could learn to put up boundaries so that I could enjoy Facebook, while at the same time not abuse it.

I set the clock yesterday morning for 20 minutes and then turned Facebook off after that time.

It was enough.

I didn’t need more time than that.

And what I gained was something unbelievable – “free” time to spend with my kids in the afternoon and evening – reading, cooking, and baking – without feeling a need to return to Facebook and a fear something would happen if I didn’t show up there when others were “expecting” me to.

The interesting thing about all of this is, I wasn’t even aware of my addiction.

While others around me may have seen this the whole time, until I took a stop and realized for myself how my addiction was affecting me, I couldn’t make any changes in my life.

Which is why I make it a point to practice stopping each and every day.

Because it’s when we live our lives without taking stops, that we miss the opportunities for self-growth and change.

Have you taken a stop today?

What was revealed to you during that stop?

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