Retreat With Me

Do You Feel Like You Just Need to Get Away?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? Feeling like life is moving at a lightning-fast speed? Do you feel like there’s a lot of “mental chatter” in your mind? Is the stress in your life affecting your emotional and physical health? Your relationships? Are you so busy taking care of everyone else, that you have forgotten what it’s like to take care of yourself?


If this sounds like you, a retreat may be the key you are looking for to realign, rejuvenate, and renew yourself so that you can return to your life with a new spark of energy, love, and happiness for your and your relationships.

On the Getting unSTUCK retreats, you give yourself the opportunity to S-L-O-W down, practice gentle yoga and breathing techniques, do some introspective writing, practice mindful eating, sing in Hebrew prayer and chanting, and of course, learn and implement the tools to get unSTUCK. These retreats are about opening your heart, finding yourself, and heeding your inner wisdom. The wisdom is there. You simply need to give yourself the chance to listen to it.

We live in a world of intolerable noise. And, most of that noise is in our heads, not outside of us. If you want to truly listen to the quiet whisper of your inner wisdom, you must get quiet. The power of the Getting unSTUCK retreats comes not only from participating fully, but from committing to the group silence (including no use of cell phones throughout the retreat). Whether the retreat lasts two days or an entire week, silence is expected and respected by all. (Morning prayer/chant sessions and the daily Q&A sessions in the afternoons are opportunities to use your voice.)

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Don’t worry if you’ve never participated on a silent retreat before. These retreats are geared towards people who are just beginning this journey as well as those who already have experience with it. The truth is, we’re all just beginning a journey. Every single day we begin anew again. And, I’m here to answer any of your questions, so please ask!

For me, going on retreats is my best medicine. Each time I participate on a retreat, I come out not only with a feeling of calm and relaxation, but with the wisdom to know which meaningful shifts I am ready and prepared to make in my life and in my relationships. For me, there is no better vacation than a retreat. Probably because a retreat is not just a vacation to me. It’s simply the most precious gift I can grant myself.

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As always, I look forward to getting unSTUCK with you,


“Shira has a gentle way of guiding me out of my suffering. Her non-judgmental attitude helps to open my heart so that I can be true to myself and consider which alternate perspectives to my ‘stuck’ stories I may have not considered. I have learned that I can lose my grip on my stories and even find relief from them. Shira’s spirit is simply inspirational.” – Hadas, Israel 
“What makes Shira such an effective coach is her willingness to be human and let people see the imperfect side of her. She offers excellent role modeling for so many of us who are afraid to let our imperfections show, but know that real growth comes from being willing to take chances and being vulnerable with oneself.” –Becky, Sunnyvale, CA 

“Shira helped me realize valuable insights as I learned how to deal and process through some of my ‘stuck’ spots. I would highly recommend working with her.” – Baila, Jerusaem, Israel

“Shira has such a straightforward, doable system that it was a pleasure to work with her.” – Sara, Cleveland, Ohio

“What I received most with working with Shira is self-awareness. I’ve learned to catch myself many times a day when I found myself ‘stuck’. I’ve become more deliberate with my thinking and less reactive. Learning how to process getting unstuck in the moment has become almost like a daily habit.” – Lisa, Phila, PA