Retreat With Me

Do You Feel Like You Just Need to Get Away?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life? Feeling like life is moving at a lightning-fast speed? Do you feel like there’s a lot of “mental chatter” in your mind? Is the stress in your life affecting your emotional and physical health? Your relationships? Are you so busy taking care of everyone else, that you have forgotten what it’s like to take care of yourself?

If this sounds like you, a retreat may be the key you are looking for to realign, rejuvenate, and renew yourself so that you can return to your life with a new spark of energy, love, and happiness for yourself and your relationships.

On the Getting unSTUCK retreats, you give yourself the opportunity to S-L-O-W down, practice gentle yoga and breathing techniques, do some introspective writing, practice mindful eating, sing in Hebrew prayer and chanting, and of course, learn and implement the tools to get unSTUCK. These retreats are about opening your heart, finding yourself, and heeding your inner wisdom. The wisdom is there. You simply need to give yourself the chance to listen to it.

We live in a world of intolerable noise. And, most of that noise is in our heads, not outside of us. If you want to truly access your inner wisdom, you must get quiet. The power of the Getting unSTUCK retreats comes not only from participating fully, but from committing to the group silence (including no use of cell phones throughout the retreat). Whether the retreat lasts two days or an entire week, silence is the space in which we practice. (Prayer/Hebrew chanting sessions, Q&A sessions, and partner sharing experiences are times where we temporarily suspend the silence and use our voices.)

The next Getting unSTUCK retreat:

March 15-17, 2018 Kibbutz Hannaton

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Don’t worry if you’ve never participated on a silent retreat before. These retreats are geared towards people who are just beginning this journey as well as those who have been on retreats before. The truth is, we’re all just beginning a journey. Every single day we begin anew again.

For me, going on retreats is my best medicine. Each time I participate on a retreat, I come out not only with a feeling of calm and relaxation, but with the wisdom to know which meaningful shifts I am ready and prepared to make in my life and in my relationships. For me, there is no better vacation than a retreat. Probably because a retreat is not just a vacation to me. It’s simply the most precious gift I can grant myself.

If you are interested in creating a Getting unSTUCK retreat for YOUR community (anywhere in the world!), please contact me.

As always, I look forward to getting unSTUCK with you,


“Shira is a living embodiment of the work she is teaching. She is warm, engaging and enfolds you in her ability to be vulnerable so that you can respond with your own. It was clear on the retreat that Shira understands that things in life are not perfect, ‘we are not angels.’ Repeatedly we saw her use her own method to unstuck real time situations; showing us life is complex and we can make choices as we go to how we live it.” – Anabelle, Jerusalem   
“I didn’t know how much I needed this weekend until the retreat was over. The way that I am looking at moments in my life now, is calming, knowing I have tools to handle anything that gets thrown at me.” –Merav, Sderot 
“Shira’s retreat gave me exactly what I was seeking:  Serenity, a chance to reconnect with my inner soul, and  confidence that I could feel joyous.  Shira herself is such an inspiration – it’s a miracle that one person is blessed with the unique talents to facilitate such a retreat.  Shira’s beautiful voice, calm demeanor, excellence as a yoga instructor, expertise as a personal development mentor, and a gift for managing the schedule to perfection combined to create the perfect experience. Shira attracted a beautiful mix of special women to the retreat. Even with the silence, or perhaps through the silence, the characters of the blend of women enhanced the experience to achieve inner peace and confidence. I look forward to the next retreat, and will do everything in my power to get to the next one.” –Naomi, Beit Shemesh
“The retreat showed me that every situation I feel stuck in is just another opportunity for self-reflection and growth.” – Arlene, Jerusalem 
“As an experienced meditation retreat participant, I was surprised that Shira’s unSTUCK retreat was filled with many wonderful ‘firsts!’ A specific example was a new look at mindful eating that wasn’t purely physical like taking less, putting down your fork between bites, etc., but included important emotional and spiritual elements too, and a new physical element for me of getting in touch with satiation throughout the meal using a 1-10 scale. I also thoroughly enjoyed Shira’s offering of gentle yoga twice a day. Finally, I worked on getting unSTUCK from something I’d given up on long ago and hadn’t even considered that getting unSTUCK from it was a possibility! My mind has been opened. My heart has been opened. I left the retreat feeling very relaxed and blessed.” –Jody, Jerusalem
“I am still floating from the weekend with you. It was much more then I expected. ” –Jaime, Tel Aviv 
“Personally, it was a very well timed and welcome respite having been in Israel for a year. Israel is not an easy country to live in; for both Israelis and foreigners alike and thus I appreciated this opportunity to talk to fellow Anglo Saxons in my own language. Shira exposed us to new techniques and tools in a very practical way to enable us to deal with everyday situations, particularly relevant when you have uprooted your established and successful life at home to come to a new country. The variety of content kept my interest and she blended the course participants well; sensitively and adeptly with a warm professionalism. It has left an indelible and positive imprint on my life. ” –Jo, Northern Israel
“This retreat was total nourishment for mind, body and spirit. I look forward to progressing in applying the S.T.U.C.K. Method so that my story evolves from fear and uncertainty to one of courage, hope and compassion. I can tell you that literally every time someone says ‘Nu, how was it?’ my immediate reply is ‘I would do it again in a heartbeat.'” –Mindy, Jerusalem