Getting unSTUCK  by Shira Taylor Gura

Getting stuck is inevitable

I don’t feel that

You have the power to look inside yourself and choose your own response in every moment

You should try to change the other person

I don’t believe that

You can take responsibility

Because when you take a closer look

You get hijacked by your emotions and react automatically

Even if

You can control yourself once in a while


You’re always right when you’re stuck

And it’s not true

You can take a fresh, new perspective on things


When you’re stuck, there is no way out

I refuse to believe that

In each moment, there is an opportunity for you

Because when you think about it

You usually run away from your emotions, instead of towards them

Despite the fact that

Obstacles are roadblocks waiting to be transformed


Your emotions


Your thoughts

“I should have…”, “He needs to…”, “She always…” are 100% true beliefs

It’s not accurate to say that

You can take a “stop” and pause


You can catch yourself thinking limiting beliefs


Suffering is unavoidable

I refuse to believe

There’s an opportunity every time you get stuck

I hate getting stuck

So you’ll never hear me say that

In every response lies your freedom and your growth


There is a space between every stimulus and response

You should just accept you’re stuck

I don’t believe

Happiness is possible


You can never get unstuck

I can’t believe

You can forgive yourself for having gotten stuck in the first place

Believe me, it’s true

Getting stuck is the worst

And don’t try to convince me that

I can get unstuck

(And now, please read the poem from the bottom up.)