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013: Consider No Family Visits Can Be 100% Perfect All of The Time

Sometimes I forget that family visits aren’t always a 24/7 lovefest. I sometimes get stuck on anticipation to see my family and forget that sometimes things can go sour. And then I get stuck. Tune in to see you I, and how YOU, can get unSTUCK while on family vacations. *This story comes from my […]

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it won't last (1)

012: Consider It Won’t Last Forever

Have you ever gone on a date and noticed your date was more interested in his phone than he was in you? Tune in to this week’s episode to hear how I got unSTUCK from that situation by considering “it won’t last forever”, and how you, too, can notice if there’s a situation in your […]

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wait and see

011: Consider Wait and See

Sometimes, believing we know the end to a situation, can keep us stuck in our stories. Listen in as Getting unSTUCK listener, Esther from Washington, D.C., shares her story with how she got unSTUCK from disappointment with feeling like the summer was slipping through her hands, and how she inspired us all to consider, “Wait […]

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no big deal

010: Consider It’s No Big Deal

Sometimes we make our “stuck” stories bigger than they really are. We don’t do this consciously, but it’s something we do sometimes. Listen in to how you can consider, “It’s not such a big deal”. And listen how you can share your story with me on this podcast! Would you like to send me your […]

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009: Consider Helping Your Child Get unSTUCK

What do you do when your child gets stuck? Do you have a tool to help them get unSTUCK? Listen in to to see how you can guide your child to get unSTUCK, even without your child knowing what you’re doing! I would love to hear your feedback if you try this with your child! […]

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meant to be

008: Consider It Was Meant to Be

When things don’t go the way you planned can often times lead you to getting stuck. In this episode, we explore considering that whatever the situation was, even if you didn’t expect it, or anticipate it, or even like it – you can consider that whatever happened was meant to be. While it may not […]

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self acknow (2)

007: The Power of a “STOP”

This episode is dedicated to exploring the power and value of the 1st step to The S.T.U.C.K. Method – the “STOP”. Learn the importance of taking “stops” in your life and the role they play in getting unSTUCK. Learn how you can begin implementing “stops” in your life today! If you liked what you heard […]

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self acknow (1)

006: Consider Self-Acknowledgment

We all get stuck on wanting to be acknowledged. Learn how you can practice to get unSTUCK from such challenging situations and move on to taking care of yourself and promoting emotional well-being in any situation, no matter what. Feel free to leave a comment below! To share your story with me, please go here: http://thestuckmethod.com/share/ […]

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Consider-gratitude tree

005: Consider Gratitude

Have you ever asked for a favor from a friend or family member, and they said “No” to you? Listen in to see how you can get unSTUCK from such a situation and consider gratitude instead. And, thank you for considering leaving me a review on Itunes! You can follow step by step directions on […]

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Consider-THIS MOMENT! (1)

004: Consider This Moment

What would happen if you got locked out of your house (by accident) by your spouse? Listen in to see how YOU can get unSTUCK from such a situation and consider THIS moment instead. And, thank you for considering leaving me a review on Itunes! You can follow step by step directions on how to […]

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