009: Consider Helping Your Child Get unSTUCK

What do you do when your child gets stuck? Do you have a tool to help them get unSTUCK? Listen in to to see how you can guide your child to get unSTUCK, even without your child knowing what you’re doing!

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One Response to 009: Consider Helping Your Child Get unSTUCK

  1. Dr. Marla Cohen June 26, 2017 at 1:39 pm #

    Wonderful podcast! Your warmth and authenticity shine through in this episode, as you model the STUCK method to help listeners guide their children out of sticky emotional situations. Your kids are so fortunate to have “The Getting Unstuck Lady” for their mom, and your listeners are equally blessed to have your sensible advice. I especially appreciated the way you validated your son’s upset feeings, and then give him the choice to take control of his distress through the STUCK principles. You remind us all that frustration and pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional.

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