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No mistakes

043: Consider There Are No Mistakes

Have you ever had the experience where something happened to you and you are convinced it should NOT have happened? Do you have the feeling of wanting to turn back the clock? Change the past? In this episode we explore considering “there are no mistakes.” When we can accept that whatever has already happened is […]

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Truman Show (1)

042: Jim Carrey and The Truman Show

What does Jim Carrey, the star of The Truman Show, have to do with Getting unSTUCK? Tune in to this week’s episode and learn about how Truman Burbank epitomizes what it means to get unSTUCK as he demonstrates courage and bravery to investigate the only truth he’s ever known which ultimately leads him to choosing […]

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Open Heart

041: Consider Opening Your Heart

All my husband wanted to do was zone out for a few minutes and watch some T.V. All I wanted to do was get my son to sleep. There the conflict began. Because what did my son want to do? Watch T.V. with his dad. And my husband was oblivious to the fact that I […]

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Oh, Well! (1)

040: Consider “Oh, Well.”

A “stuck” story takes place either in the past or the future. That’s where our stories live. Regarding a story that has already taken place, whether it was a second ago, 5 minutes ago, yesterday, last month, or last year, what is key to understand is that the circumstance already happened. It’s in the past. And there’s nothing […]

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039: Consider You Are Not Stupid

Sometimes we put ourselves down, not because of any outside force, but because: Either we believe it ourselves, or We believe someone else may be thinking it. Either way, that belief of defining yourself negatively is not serving you, nor is it serving anyone else around you. I got stuck recently on feeling stupid. But, I […]

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action 2

038: Consider Taking Action

There is a difference between taking action and keeping busy. When you take action, you work towards a goal. When you keep busy, you may not necessarily be direction-oriented. Even if you create or produce things, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are taking action towards a goal. I got stuck on inaction in 2017. But, […]

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037: Consider Getting a Coach

I hired myself a coach last week. It was the best decision of 2017. I feel aligned, happy, excited and ready to take on 2018. I got stuck on not wanting to hire a coach and this not only held me back professionally, it held me back personally. Don’t make the same mistake as I. […]

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036: Consider Visioning

One way to get unSTUCK and evolve into a newer version of yourself is by visioning. Different from goal setting, this is a practice of actually seeing yourself AS your new self. This takes courage, bravery, and vulnerability. It stretches your mind and opens it up to anything in the realm of possibility. Join me with […]

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035: It Takes a Village

We do not live our lives in a vacuum. We are who we are in this world because of the experiences and people we come into contact with. The S.T.U.C.K. Method wasn’t created in a bubble, but rather from standing on the shoulders of giants and learning wisdom that came before me. Tune in to […]

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034: Consider Faith

Often times when we get “stuck”, we are blinded from reality and often times lose faith to what the future can hold. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear a story of how considering faith gave me the confidence to move forward with a project that otherwise seemed daunting and impossible to me. And […]

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