Podcast Coming Soon….

To my dear blog subscribers,

I am just writing to give you a heads up.

My Podcast, Getting unSTUCK, will be launching very soon – either this week or next.

When it does, you’ll be able to read AND listen to my weekly messages.

I’m very excited to share this with you.

Jut one thing: I will uploading 4 podcast episodes on launch day. So the day that you receive 4 emails, you will know why.

Please don’t freak out. It will only be a one time thing. After that, you’ll go back to only receive one blog/podcast episode from me a week.

Thank you!

I SO appreciate your faith and commitment to me and this work I am doing in the world.

And I will LOVE to hear your feedback, so please continue to comment on these pages!

And if you’re familiar with iTunes, leaving a review, once the podcast launches, would be greatly appreciated!

OK, you’ll be “hearing” from me soon.


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