In the blink of an eye

While on my book tour this summer, a common question that arose during the Q&A time periods was: How quickly can you actually process through The S.T.U.C.K. Method?

People were asking this thoughtful question after I took my time in each workshop to explain in depth each step of the method.

They were curious how this technique could be used in a quick enough fashion to prevent unfortunate eruptions from occurring.

blinkI responded, “In the blink of an eye.”

And this morning, while offering a Getting unSTUCK class at an event outside of Jerusalem, I offered the following example to support it.

This morning, I got stuck.

I had a bad night’s sleep.

Actually, to be honest, I hardly had any sleep, as I’m still getting over jetlag and my body still thinks it’s in New Jersey.

So, I woke up a bit cranky.

And when my husband turned to me at 6 AM after only having gotten about 1.5 hours of sleep and greeted me with, “Good morning,” I responded with complaints – about my bad night’s sleep, about the neighbor’s crying baby, and that I should have done better yesterday (Shabbat) to force myself to wake up on time and help get my body back on schedule rather than what I did, which was sleep in.

But, I caught myself in that stuck place.

Stuck on frustration. Stuck on annoyance. Stuck on irritation. Stuck on disappointment.

So, I closed my eyes and took a breath.

And in that second, I went through steps “T”, “U”, “C” and “K” – so that by the time I opened my eyes again, I replied to my husband in an entirely different tone and attitude:

“Good morning!” I said with a smile.

“Good week!” I said genuinely.

“Good month!” I said with excitement.

“I am grateful!” I said with sincerity.

And within one second, I turned a nagging wife into a happy and gracious one.

Literally, within the blink of an eye.

And so can you.

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