Getting unSTUCK in the ARMY?

My husband and I still have a few more years before we send our eldest off to the army for her compulsory national army service.

Yet, just last week I was speaking with a friend of mine regarding her eldest daughter’s army experience so far. Her daughter was only drafted a few weeks ago.

My friend basically laid out the facts for me.

Her daughter has basically lost all freedom as she knows it.

She is told when to sleep and when to wake.

What to eat and when to eat.

What to wear and how to make her cot.

And what punishment she will receive if she doesn’t follow orders.

Follow orders?

Just a month ago she was living home, in the comfort of her own family, not following any orders necessarily.

You know what I mean: leaving dishes in the sink, sleeping in late, maybe even missing the school bus once in a while.

Well, those days are over for her, apparently.

And she’s got to get a new mindset, otherwise how else will she be able to make it through two years of compulsory army service?

I can totally see how she could get stuck on frustration or irritation or annoyance at her commanders (who are probably only a mere year older than she, at the young age of 18).

What is she going to do if she gets stuck?


Call home?

Be passive-aggressive?

Or, come up with some other consideration that will help her get through each challenging situation that arises and promote her own emotional well-being.

I sure hope she does.

And can.

ted-noam-mechinaThis is why where there was a call for TED speakers in our local community to address a group of pre-army soldiers, I jumped at the opportunity.

I knew it would be a quick 10 minute talk – and nothing like my hour long experiential workshops where participants really get to understand The STUCK Method in depth and realize its potential value on their lives.

But still, I thought I’d plant a seed in their minds.

And that I did.

Because at the end of the evening, I was approached by some of the participants, who thanked me for my presentation and expressed how they plan on trying The STUCK Method out.

There was also a surprise visit from a soldier from our community who was on leave and shared with me how he’s finding himself stuck on fear a lot.

So, as I venture out this year with the intention of bringing Getting unSTUCK workshops to the workplace and to schools, I’ll also keep the army in mind.

Because God knows, we all need it.

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