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(iTunes Getting unSTUCK Podcast reviews below.)

“Gura takes on heavy issues with a light heart. Her words and ideas have a lasting effect that works its magic between episodes and long after.”

“What a great podcast! This podcast provides an excellent resource and companion to Shira Taylor Gura’s book. Here, Ms. Taylor Gura guides the listener through the method and techniques. Well worth the time to listen, grow, practice, and enjoy getting unSTUCK! Highly recommend!!”

“Really enjoy this! Relatable and insightful. Can’t wait for more!”

“Just started listening to this. I really like Shira Taylor Gura’s pace. Nice relatively short episodes packed wth lots of good tips for improving one’s way of thinking and getting unSTUCK. Highly recommend.”

“Shira’s Getting unSTUCK Podcast uses great examples from her own life about how we can learn to shift our perspective about our life’s circumstances. As a psychotherapist, I feel this is a very useful tool.”

“Take a few minutes and treat yourself to this podcast. No matter what age or stage you are in, Shira’s words will resonate with you. Her honesty and warmth make it feel like we are just having a conversation over coffee!! As with any helping suggestions, you can only make small changes –one at a time. When you are ready, come back for more and you need to practice!! I can’t say enough positive things about this podcast and I’m excited to listen to each one as they come my way!”

“Shira Taylor Gura does a fantastic job on her Getting Unstuck podcast! Her soothing voice clearly explains the step-by-step method for self-improvement. Thank you!”

“Having worked with Shira on the S.T.U.C.K. method, I can say that it really worked. With Shira’s deep empathy I learned many valuable things about myself. Getting ‘stuck’ is something we all do. It is a prison made of our own thoughts, and being stuck can negatively impact the most cherished people in our lives. Getting unstuck takes hard work; it means being completely honest with yourself, and that is not easy. Shira’s method is sound and well worth the personal effort required. If you are stuck, this may very well work for you!”

“Shira’s podcast provides words of wisdom every week. She is mindful, honest and someone who can relate to the daily stresses of life. Getting unStuck has been a go to since episode 1!”

“Shira Gura’s Getting UnStuck podcast is a fun dose of real life wisdom. She shares her own personal stories and brings her S.T.U.C.K method to life. Worth checking out!”

“I’m very happy with this podcast and the road it has taken me on. Shira Gura has an easy clear and coherent philosophy of moving on that has given me a lot to think about. I’m several episodes into the podcast and It is one “a-ha” moment after the next.”

“From someone who does not usually listen to podcasts, I can say with confidence that these episodes are fantastic. Everyone and anyone could benefit from learning her approach to issues that come up in life – whether small or significant. With personal examples woven in, Shira offers an approach that can help us feel more in control of our emotions and reactions. Keep these podcasts coming!”

“Shira’s method for becoming unSTUCK is not new to me. I actually have her book and have benefitted from implementing her method in my daily life. Although it took some getting used to, I now find her method easy to use and very practical. I am glad she has created a podcast and I look forward to listening each week. I’ve listened to the first 4 episodes and even though I already had the background knowledge, I find Shira so easy to listen to. Her voice is so calming and I feel like she’s speaking right to me. She has a great understanding of human nature and I look forward to her sharing many personal stories where she uses her method. As she has said, what is most personal is often most universal. Shira’s stories are so relatable and her honesty leaves the listener never feeling judged. I hope she shares many stories that are in her book. I highly recommend this podcast and think it can help others promote emotional wellness.”