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Is Getting STUCK Affecting Your Personal Well-Being?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated, disappointed, insulted, angry or annoyed in your house? Does your spouse or children do things that just bother you beyond measure? Do you carry those emotions with you throughout your day? Do you sometimes feel completely hopeless and powerless in your relationships? How is getting stuck in your life impacting your physical and emotional well-being? What are you risking by doing nothing about it?

If this sounds like you, I’d like to offer you 15 minutes to offer you a few tips to help you get unSTUCK in your life. From this mini-session, you’ll be able to begin making changes in your life that perhaps you’ve never even thought possible!


Fill out this form to arrange a mini-session with me and we will go through some of your current “stuck” blocks. In this mini-session, I will teach you about The STUCK Method and how it can help you manage your brain so that you don’t feel helpless or powerless ever again. You will be able to start applying this method in your life right away and notice the impact it will have. This mini-session will get your started on your way! During our conversation, I will share with you other opportunities for you to work with me on a longer term basis.


After our mini-session, you will begin to realize how you can regain control of your emotions, your life and your reactions to others. Your awareness of getting stuck will increase, and from that place, you will recognize the choice you have power over in responding to others as well as taking care of yourself. Ultimately, this will lead you to create meaningful shifts in your life leading to happiness and well-being in your life and in your relationships, creating space for you to feel whole again. 


If you are ready to go on this journey with me and ready to make this commitment to yourself and to others in your life, click on this link to set up a coaching mini-session with me. This form will give me a chance to get to know you a bit before we speak for the first time.

I look forward to Getting unSTUCK with you,


“What makes Shira such an effective coach is her willingness to be human and let people see the imperfect side of her. She offers excellent role modeling for so many of us who are afraid to let our imperfections show, but know that real growth comes from being willing to take chances and being vulnerable with oneself.” –Becky, Sunnyvale, CA 
“I loved the group setting! I was able to gain new perspectives to situations I was struggling with both by hearing myself share my stories out loud to others and by receiving new ‘considerations’ from the group participants that I hadn’t thought of on my own. Most importantly, what I loved about this group, was feeling that others were with me on this journey.” – Kolby, Hannaton, Israel
“The companion journal is like having a friend there for you to listen and help you get unSTUCK.” – Luisa, Israel
“Shira has a gentle way of guiding me out of my suffering. Her non-judgmental attitude helps to open my heart so that I can be true to myself and consider which alternate perspectives to my ‘stuck’ stories I may have not considered. I have learned that I can lose my grip on my stories and even find relief from them. Shira’s spirit is simply inspirational.” – Hadas, Israel 
“I appreciate how Shira is genuine and authentic showing us how you she uses the method, how it is difficult for her sometimes, reminding us that we are all human.  She isn’t preaching what we should do and that it will make it all better.  Rather she is doing it with us and showing us that it can be challenging but worth practicing and trying over and over again.  I appreciate it when someone is alongside me and relatable rather than feeling they are preaching down because they have complete control over their life, leaving me to wonder why can’t I do the same.” – Susan, New York, NY 

“Shira helped me realize valuable insights as I learned how to deal and process through some of my ‘stuck’ spots. I would highly recommend working with her.” – Baila, Jerusaem, Israel

“What I loved about the group program was that it encouraged me to take a little time out of every day to process through my ‘stuck’ spots through writing, rather than keep everything in my head. The companion journal was incredibly useful to help me organize my thoughts so that I could share them with others.” – Yael, Jerusaem, Israel

“Working with Shira was a complete eye opener and joy. Not only did she teach me a more positive way of dealing with my ‘stuck’ situations, she provided me with a common language between me and my wife (who also went through Shira’s program). This journey provided me with important insights and self-awareness I never thought possible.  It was one of the most useful and powerful experiences I have ever gone through in my life.” – Yitzhak, Israel

“Shira has such a straightforward, doable system that it was a pleasure to work with her.” – Sara, Cleveland, Ohio

“What I received most with working with Shira is self-awareness. I’ve learned to catch myself many times a day when I found myself ‘stuck’. I’ve become more deliberate with my thinking and less reactive. Learning how to process getting unstuck in the moment has become almost like a daily habit.” – Lisa, Phila, PA

“What I loved most about the Getting unSTUCK group is that I felt comfortable to admit my true thoughts knowing I wasn’t the only one in the world getting ‘stuck’ sometimes! I knew each time we met, I would be held in loving compassion both by myself and by the others.” – Rachel, Los Angeles

Click on this link to arrange a mini-session with me.