The CD

The first step in The S.T.U.C.K. Method is the STOP. I strongly emphasize and encourage anyone interested in the work of getting unSTUCK to practice taking stops on a regular basis.  We must cultivate a practice of stopping when we aren’t stuck, if we want to be able to take stops when we actually are stuck.

You can listen to this album to direct your attention away from your “stuck” spot, and towards gratitude, praise, or request, the 3 simple chants that comprise this CD.

This CD has touched the lives of hundreds of people. My hope is that it will also touch your life.

You can order the digital download or the physical CD via the crowdfunding website. You can also order the digital album on CD Baby.

(Morning “Gratitude”)

(Morning, “Halleluyah” and interview on Radio WRSU)

(Morning, “Request)

(Noon, “Gratitude”)

(Noon “Halleluyah”)

(Evening, “Request”)

(Evening ,”Halleluyah”)

(Evening, “Gratitude”)


“I love this! And this is coming from someone who is not a big fan of Jewish music!”
“Amazing! I would seriously buy this CD to relax!”
“I’m trying so hard to get into meditation and this is beautiful! Where can I buy this?”
“I would love to play your CD while in labor!”
“It’s hard to believe this is a rough clip! I can’t imagine what the finished product will sound like. WOW!”
This is stunning! I’m an esthetician, and during all my treatments I play massage music. My customers all comment on how nice it is. They would go crazy over this!!!
“This is beautiful. I would love this!”
“Ah I’m so so so beyond excited for this!”