The CD

In today’s busy world, many people are hungering for spirituality. When we need the space to relax and quiet our minds, we turn to practices like yoga, meditation and prayer.

I decided to create the album, Day and Night, to provide a unique and powerful opportunity for any person seeking more spirituality, connection, and meaning in his or her life.

Each track is comprised of three Hebrew mantras that are based on the three central sections of the Amidah, the core of every Jewish prayer service. These include: Modeh/Modah Ani (for Gratitude), Halleluyah (for Praise), and Ahna (for Request). The mantras are simple – making the music accessible even to those people who are less familiar with the Hebrew language.

For just $10. you will receive the digital download.

The opportunities for this CD to touch those who are searching for a daily, authentic spiritual experience are endless.

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“Have you ever been in a yoga class and enjoyed the music but thought “Hey, this would be really cool with Hebrew prayers/words in the background instead….” Well lucky for you my amazing friend, Shira Taylor Gura is making one!! Here is your chance to donate to its fruition.” —Kolby Morris Dahary, Israel 
About a year ago we moved to Kibbutz Hannaton. It turns out my neighbor Shira Gura is one of the most inspiring individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and call a true friend. She’s working on an album which carries the fruit of her ongoing spiritual work. Get in on this for good karma vibes guaranteed! Aryeh Lederhendler Israel