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STUCK on Wanting to Parent YOUR Child

The pool season has begun on Kibbutz Hannaton. Many parents (including myself) bring food up to the pool and share it with others. Yesterday, I brought some goodies from home including some delicious, ripe cherries. Everyone went wild. Teenagers approached me with, “Can I have some?” Young children approached me with, “I want some, please.” […]

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STUCK on being the WORST mother in the world

So, once the Bat Mitzvah saga died down, my daughter decided on an evening party that would incorporate both activities (run by her mother) and a standard dance party” (what my husband and I were trying to avoid in efforts to create something more unique and meaningful). In any event, the plan was to facilitate 12 activities (each […]

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Not STUCK on Disappointment

I was like an angel yesterday. Because I knew something about the future that others (like my daughter) didn’t. And, I was able to cautiously guide her peacefully through something which could otherwise have led to an emotional eruption. ************ She arrived home from school and sat down at the bar in the kitchen. “Do […]

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Well, doesn’t any “normal” parent have them from their children? And, as the mother of relatively young children, I’m not talking about college acceptances, marriage partners, or professions, but rather the simple things like: Treating others with respect, Sharing your toys and your snacks, Chewing with your mouth closed, Not interrupting when others are speaking, […]

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