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Oh, Well! (1)

Consider “Oh, Well.”

“Oh, Well.” Profound, right? But, you know what? These two words may be a great consideration for you the next time you get stuck. Most of our stuck stories have to do with something that has already happened. Which is in the past. Which we have no control over. Because it already happened. A second […]

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The Importance of Order

During the start of my annual deep house-cleaning the other day, I had a flashback to a time when I was a child in Hebrew school. In the weeks leading up to Passover, I remembered my teacher, Mrs. Furman teaching us that the word “Seder” means “Order”. And with that, we learned that the “Seder” […]

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Consider Not Alone

Stuck on Neglecting Myself… Again!?!

Here I go. I did it again. I neglected myself. Agh.  Why, God, why do I do this to myself? Winter approached and suddenly all my good health routines began to slowly diminish until they dissipated into extinction. I got lax on my daily exercise. Same for my mindful eating practice. And I feel it […]

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Life is Like a Game of Rummikub: You Stay in the Game, No Matter What

(This article appeared first onThe Huffington Post.) I played Rummikub the other day with my kids. As we chose our tiles, I suddenly heard reactions of joy and cries of disappointment. “Yes!” one child boasted. ”I got great tiles!” ”Umph!” sighed another. “This isn’t fair! I got the worst tiles in the world! I’m gonna […]

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Thursday 2

Just ASK!

My dear blog subscribers, My book is out, my book tour is set, and I’ve decided to consciously allow myself to settle down and watch things unfold as they should. The truth is, I’ve found myself “stuck” on needing to know and plan on “what’s next” and it reminded me of how this entire process […]

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