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STUCK on being the WORST mother in the world

So, once the Bat Mitzvah saga died down, my daughter decided on an evening party that would incorporate both activities (run by her mother) and a standard dance party” (what my husband and I were trying to avoid in efforts to create something more unique and meaningful). In any event, the plan was to facilitate 12 activities (each […]

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I’ve committed to 15 minutes of blogging on Fridays, but I’m stuck today. On fear. How timely that my 15-minute-of-blogging-on-Fridays-friend also blogged about fear today. Living in a small community (under 100 families) has its challenges. What comes up a lot of times for me is the parenting styles. Strict. Loose. Democratic. Anthroposorphic. Religious. Secular. […]

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STUCK on “My husband is a *^$#SDD%^!!!

Four years ago, after making aliyah to Israel, my family and I began a tradition of traveling to the Sea of Galilee so that I could participate in the annual “Speedo Sea of Galilee swim“.  It is the largest amateur sports event in Israel (this year it celebrated its 60th year) and is among the […]

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