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mindful eating

Stuck on Caring What YOU Think

This past week, as I facilitated a weekly self-development group in my community, I found myself stuck on what others were thinking of me. The group reached the point of the evening for the “formal practice” which is dedicated to five minutes of mindful eating. During that time, each participant chooses to either a) eat […]

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Stuck on I Really Hope You Like My Passover Seder!

Two weeks ago I participated in a class on the kibbutz on how to successfully lead a Passover seder with children. The facilitator mentioned a number of possible common struggles that people may face during the seder such as the “struggle” of sitting through the seder (on an empty stomach) and where the focus may […]

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the wave

STUCK on Thinking the Worst

Last night my husband and daughter, along with a few other adults and teenagers, went to see the play, The Wave. The play is based on an extraordinary novel, that “explores the nature of fascim and the appeal of mass movements through the true-life story of a California high school which began an experiment in […]

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STUCK on G-d

There are people in this world that are blessed to go through transformative life experiences. Just like I had such an opportunity during my unexpected trip to the hospital a couple of weeks ago. While in the I.C.U., one of my visitors, Rabbi Serebrowski, said something that struck me more than anyone else’s words of comfort or prayer. “Speak […]

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This post was hand-written (while I was half sedated) during my time in the I.C.U. and dedicated to Angela Meraviglia. I believe in angels. *** During my recent and unexpected visit to Virtua Hospital, I had one nurse assigned to me during each 12-hour shift in the I.C.U. All of them did what was required of them: […]

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Kibbutz Hannaton basketball game

STUCK on Beautiful

It’s war here. Even though living in the North it’s quiet (aside from the tears and mourning from friends and families of the fallen soldiers who are from up here), I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind a break from it once in a while. And, I’m not alone. One of my friends decided […]

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