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Thursday 2

Just ASK!

My dear blog subscribers, My book is out, my book tour is set, and I’ve decided to consciously allow myself to settle down and watch things unfold as they should. The truth is, I’ve found myself “stuck” on needing to know and plan on “what’s next” and it reminded me of how this entire process […]

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STUCK reflection

Stuck on: I Don’t Have a Post This Week!

My book, S.T.U.C.K. – Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being, will be published imminently (June). In preparation for the book’s launch, I am creating a list of potential blog post ideas that I will submit to various on-line and print publications to help promote my book. I’ve got lots of those potential blog posts up […]

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STUCK endorsements

Stuck on: You Rejected Me?

I’ve been writing a book for the past seven months or so and it’s now nearly complete. I sent the manuscript off to a whole bunch of professors, authors, researchers, medical doctors, and psychologists requesting endorsements. Some of these professionals are my personal friends, and therefore I knew I could count on their support. But, […]

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Stuck on We Need a Little Orange in Our House

On Sunday night, I facilitated a S.T.U.C.K. workshop. We met in a friend’s home on the kibbutz and convened in her living room around the wood-burning stove. I happen to love meeting in this person’s house. The environment is cozy, welcoming, and warm. When the workshop ended and the participants left, I found myself lingering. […]

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