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Mindless Eating

Stuck on a Double Whammy

Last week was winter vacation from school in Israel. In the past few years, I filled each day of vacation with some sort of fun family-packed event for my kids such as hikes, museums, and festivals. And, as a member of the Israeli National Park system, I’ve been taking my kids to as many as […]

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think big

Stuck on Thinking Big

I remember learning from an art teacher in elementary school to “Think Big.” I don’t remember the art teacher’s name and barely remember how she looks. But, I remember her teaching us to “Think Big”. Perhaps it was her way of encouraging confidence in her students. I have no idea. But, I do wonder if her particular pedagogical approach could […]

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STUCK on Thinking I Need to Bring Everyone Gifts

Ever since I moved to Israel, I’ve made a trip back to the States yearly. And each time, I bring back gifts for my family and friends. Over the years I’ve brought back: New Israeli wines, hand-made jewelry, soaps and olive oil from the Galilee, Bedouin tea kettles, hand-made challah boards, beautifully painted rocks from […]

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