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love circle

STUCK on a Love Circle

I was invited to a musical circle for “love and peace” a few nights ago. This was the tri-lingual invite: I’ve yet to go to one of these circles. But, I hear they’re wonderful. Powerful. People of all faiths gathering to sing songs together. Of peace. And love. And hope. Which I’m all for. First […]

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STUCK on Wanting to Parent YOUR Child

The pool season has begun on Kibbutz Hannaton. Many parents (including myself) bring food up to the pool and share it with others. Yesterday, I brought some goodies from home including some delicious, ripe cherries. Everyone went wild. Teenagers approached me with, “Can I have some?” Young children approached me with, “I want some, please.” […]

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pizza faces

STUCK on What Do I Do With All This Sugar?

Cakes. Cookies. Muffins. Chocolates. Hard candies. Lollipops. Marshmallows. I guess you can say it kind of felt like Halloween around here. But, it wasn’t. It was the Jewish holiday of Purim. During which there’s a mitzvah (commandment of a good deed) to send gifts of food to at least one friend. In our modern life, […]

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