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STUCK on What Do I Do With All This Sugar?

Cakes. Cookies. Muffins. Chocolates. Hard candies. Lollipops. Marshmallows. I guess you can say it kind of felt like Halloween around here. But, it wasn’t. It was the Jewish holiday of Purim. During which there’s a mitzvah (commandment of a good deed) to send gifts of food to at least one friend. In our modern life, […]

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A few days ago, the residents of Hannaton were invited to a “happening” at our community garden: an afternoon of weeding, making pita on the fire, and eating vegetables straight out of our plots. The invitation asked people to bring materials from their homes for the event: large bowl, flour, salt, cooking pan, knife, onions, […]

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STUCK on “My husband is a *^$#SDD%^!!!

Four years ago, after making aliyah to Israel, my family and I began a tradition of traveling to the Sea of Galilee so that I could participate in the annual “Speedo Sea of Galilee swim“.  It is the largest amateur sports event in Israel (this year it celebrated its 60th year) and is among the […]

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