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Life is Like a Game of Rummikub: You Stay in the Game, No Matter What

(This article appeared first onThe Huffington Post.) I played Rummikub the other day with my kids. As we chose our tiles, I suddenly heard reactions of joy and cries of disappointment. “Yes!” one child boasted. ”I got great tiles!” ”Umph!” sighed another. “This isn’t fair! I got the worst tiles in the world! I’m gonna […]

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STUCK reflection

Stuck on: I Don’t Have a Post This Week!

My book, S.T.U.C.K. – Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being, will be published imminently (June). In preparation for the book’s launch, I am creating a list of potential blog post ideas that I will submit to various on-line and print publications to help promote my book. I’ve got lots of those potential blog posts up […]

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