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Moving over to Podcast…

My dear blog subscribers, I wanted to write this one last blog to let you know that I have launched my Getting unSTUCK podcast and will be taking a break from blogging. I know how much many of you enjoyed receiving my weekly blogs, and I did consider sending you the transcribed versions of my […]

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The Importance of Order

During the start of my annual deep house-cleaning the other day, I had a flashback to a time when I was a child in Hebrew school. In the weeks leading up to Passover, I remembered my teacher, Mrs. Furman teaching us that the word “Seder” means “Order”. And with that, we learned that the “Seder” […]

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Consider Not Alone

Stuck on Neglecting Myself… Again!?!

Here I go. I did it again. I neglected myself. Agh.  Why, God, why do I do this to myself? Winter approached and suddenly all my good health routines began to slowly diminish until they dissipated into extinction. I got lax on my daily exercise. Same for my mindful eating practice. And I feel it […]

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Stuck on “Yes, I Check My Emails, Thank You Very Much!”

Even though 2017 has just begun, parents in Israel are already beginning to register their children for school next year. Yet, this process isn’t as easy at it seems, for where I live, there are numerous educational options. There’s the religious Orthodox school, the secular school, the religious/secular school, the Democratic school, the Waldorf school, the […]

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